Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random videos

Since I figure out how to convert the videos and upload them, here are a bunch!


I'm a little late, but it's not Thanksgiving yet, so I'm still ok. For Halloween, we didn't take Addi out, but we did dress her up and take pictures. She was a little grumpy, so getting a good picture was rather difficult.

On October 29, we went to the pumpkin patch. They were supposed to have hayrides, but it was too cold. We didn't stay for long.
 She's only as big as a medium sized pumpkin! She's so small. Fairly consistently in the 10th percentile for weight, but she's hitting her milestones on time or early!

 Addison and daddy on the tractor.
 Time to get off...
 She sisn't want to let go!

 We went in the store to get a couple more pictures when it got cold.
 Family picture. It was too dark to get a good one.
 Chris and I carved pumpkins the night of the 30th. This was one side of mine.

 And the other side of mine.
 This was Chris's. I think they came out pretty good! Two days later, Addi grabbed Snoopy's dog house and pulled it off the pumpkin and put it in her mouth. I wish I had a picture of it, but I took it away too fast.
 She was a dinosaur for Halloween! The costume was a little big, 6-12 months and she's a small 7, and she did not like the hat.
 Asking me why she had to wear this...
 Finally got a picture with it on!
 Done with it.
 Mad at me fro trying to hold it on.
 Proud of herself for getting it off and getting us to give up. That's her 'I got my way' smile.

 I had a few ideas for pictures I wanted. She had ideas of what she wanted to do instead. Like eating the candy.
 And turning completely into dinosaur.
 Proud of herself again!

 I love this one. I tried to light the pumpkins and take a picture, but it came out too dark.

Post 1: Bedtime routine

So, I've been slacking (already), and Natalie said I needed to post today. So I'll post twice! This first one is Addison's bedtime routine.

Somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30, depending on the night, she gets her solid food. While waiting, she sometimes tries to eat her high chair. We do not have a patient little girl.
We then take a bath. Bath time is her favorite, and once she's done eating, there's no distracting her from it for long. Her rubber ducky is her favorite bath time toy; she's not happy if she doesn't have it.

Then it's time for lotion and pjs.

 Then storytime with daddy most of the time. She's getting to be a good listener for short stories like Guess How Much I Love You and Are You A Cow.

 Then it's bedtime. She likes to stick her feet out of her crib and sleep in other strange positions. I'll have to take more pictures and post the funny ways she sleeps. She usually only wakes up twice a night, and is up for good around 6:15, but lately she's been up several times throughout the night. Can't say I'm a big fan of that.

Ok, I'm gonna try to post a couple videos.

Monday, November 12, 2012

First Snow Day

We got a lot of snow over the weekend. About a foot! We took Addi out in it on Sunday when the snowfall slowed down. She sat in front of the window and watched in snow for a little while on Friday, and looked confused whenever we took her outside to go somewhere. 

Getting ready to go outside! Onesie, leggings, pants, sweater, jacket, socks, shoes, and another pair of socks over the shoes. We tried to put on her new 12 month snow jacket, but it was too big for her to be able to sit up on her own.

 She wasn't too sure about the gloves and hat.

 I'm ready dad!

We took one of the lids from our storage container out with us for her to sit on. She wasn't sure what to do at first.

Then she face planted. She did not like it.

Caught her face right before a sneeze. She looks sad, but she's not crying!

Tasting the snow.

With daddy playing!

Our neighbors have a dog. Addi like to watch it.

Back inside. She took a nap after she got changed out of her wet clothes.

We like taking pictures of her just cause she looks so cute! She's good at posing.

One of her favorite toys. The lid is hard for me to get off, so she's safe.

She actually wanted to cuddle yesterday! And didn't want to be put down.

Usually she's squirmy after bath time when getting her pj's on, but she laid like this until I was done last night.

Playing this morning.Her favorite thing to do is empty off the bottom and middle shelves on the tv stand. And play with the cords behind it, but we stop her doing that pretty fast.

I'll post some videos when Chris gets home from work. I can't seem to figure out how to get the videos off our video camera.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

First post!

So, I decided to start this blog cause all I wanna post about on Facebook is Addison, but I don't think many of my friends would appreciate that. So if you're reading this, it will be all about her! I figure we have lots of family that hardly ever get to see her, and everyone always wants to see more pictures. I think that's most of what this will be; lots of pictures, not so much text. So let's start!

This is what we woke up to yesterday:

And this is what Addi looked like when we put on her 12 months snow jacket:

She liked being outside, but was pretty confused as to what was all over the ground. I let her touch it once the last time it snowed, and she looked at me confused. We will probably take her out to play in it for a little while tomorrow.

Addison started crawling this last week. At first, she only thought she could go a few feet, but then it became as far as whatever it was she wanted. Today, she started exploring the apartment! We really need to hardcore baby-proof now. We have all the outlets covered, but she likes cords.

This is what Chris did thiss morning when we were getting ready and she kept getting into trouble:

And this is just her cute face. She makes so many funny faces!