Sunday, December 9, 2012

Random Pictures!

I have a ton of pictures that don't really fit into any category, so I'll just post some here!

I love everything about this picture! Her beard and her face!

She's a big helper! She pulls herself up on everything now, and loves to be in the kitchen eating what she can find off the floor.

As promised, some funny sleeping positions.

With daddy on a walk.

Went in after a nap to find her like this!

Voter fraud!

At the copper mine.

She loves her exersaucer!

Utah fans.

These last few are off my phone. 

She got mommy's leftover poptart. Looks like she enjoyed it. Sometimes I sneak her treats she probably shouldn't have. Her favorite is licorice. 

Waiting for daddy to get out of class.

She drinks out of my cup, and when I give her empty ones to play with, she tries to drink out of those.

I'm gonna miss being home with this little girl so much!

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